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Just over a day left, and I thought I'd summarize my thoughts so far before finishing up tomorrow. I sometimes focus pretty hard here on what I think are negatives, but it all takes place in the broader context of a very positive learning experience.

Started out with a completely different idea before the jam, then scrapped it in the first couple days, and moved to another different idea, then finally landed on this one on Monday. Still having a major problem with scope and losing the focus of the game during development (probably due to constant cutting/recutting of scope). Crystallized on a single player experience pretty early on in development, but as it went on and I kept running into obstacles, that experience steadily lost focus such that right now at this moment (not done with the game), it's not structured in such a way to lead to that experience.

Major timesink was switching physics engines midway through dev. I can't even really remember why I decided to switch, but I'd probably not do that again if I had it over. I thought early on that this would be a simpler game so I'd be able to spend more time polishing and working on proper gameplay, but it's now pretty clear that hey, physics platformers have some pieces to them!

Some really awesome things I learned: building levels (well, just 1 at the moment) in the threejs editor and importing them with meaningful  userData, how JS workers function (and why they sometimes don't; FYI, all messages are serialized, so prototypes don't transfer, oops!), blender -> threejs editor -> threejs renderer workflow, building components that get imported and then compiled (that threejs starter kit has some great things set up), reading input from the gyro in phones and moving the camera based on it. And more that I can't remember at the moment.

So yeah. Some good, some bad, all learning. I'd like to get more levels in the game before final deadline tomorrow, and to do that I'll need to rewrite the initial level load to be able to load multiple, which means that I need to make sure everything's scoped properly, which means I might run into problems making the physics worker work with separate levels, which... Well anyway. I'll see when I get there!

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Jul 09, 2017

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